This is my studio


I am teaching at this studio !!






This is only Celemony's place !! I am not graduated from this college!!

Many years ago I took some grade examination from ABRSM grade 8.

I felt so fun and enjoyed and relax there because examiner was so smille all the time and motivated to me a lot !!

After got the certificate, I was flying to Hong kong three and four times during one year.

Actually I used to live Hong kong before so I know this place and people very well .
I studied with Hong kong people together.
Then finally I have got CTABRSM qualification.

CT course gave me develope my teaching idea and different idea from Japanese music styles.
It is great course and if I have some chance, I want to learn again !!


We did Wounderful job !!! about Summer School ~

We did great job about Summer school .

In this program it was only one day and only two hours .

Every students had a chance to observe open piano lessons.
after that , they tried to write it down about the other student's comment. (good comment and some suggestion )
They were looks like a piano teacher !! ^0^


Presentation !! Explore classical composers "BACH"